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Understanding Henna & Simple Mehndi Designs For Left Hand

Understanding Henna Mehndi Designs& Simple Mehndi Designs For Left Hand

The simple mehndi designs for left hand are usually the mirroring of the right hand. They are good to decorate your hands on casual occasions, but on special occasions, you can fill your both hands and feet with special designs.
The henna is an important thing that has a deep connection with the history because the women of all eras find it fascinating to decorate their hands with these designs. On the function, festivals and ceremony every person want to look more fashionable, charming and delightful and also want to apply henna designs on parties, functions, walima, marriage, shadi, engagements, happy new year also for Birthdays. It has become a well known trend to apply artistically beautiful mehendi on palms and legs especially when it is the time of fun, festivals, weddings or any sort of grand occasion

Henna, also known as mehandi, is very popular in the regions of sub continent for a very long time and the women as well as girls use this on weddings or any other popular event. Tasteful in its appearance, it’s the perfect design for those who wish to make a style statement at their wedding. It looks creative and when you don’t want to overload your hands with all the jewelleries this is a perfect option. Very few people in the west have time for mehndi , so this simple design is suggested as it won’t take much time. In the current time, applying mehandi has become less of a tradition and more of a fashion statement, where there need not be any compulsory grand occasion or festival or any other requisite reason.

Simple Mehndi Designs Step By Step

The below mentioned are the basic simple mehndi designs step by step to make the perfect henna designs for hands. Some styles may be for advance for designers and looks difficult but believe me if you start making today with some simpler designs, you will be able to draw every henna design with neatness.
Simpler design take very less time to get it apply over your hands and by doing some practices and following some specific techniques you can apply it on your own there is no need to visit beauty salon to get it done. Making simple henna designs can be quite fun and you get this sense of achievement too. You can check this video about simple mehndi designs for left hand step by step
  1. A glass sheet should be placed on the hand sketched design just the way you did it on the printed sheet.
  2. Start applying the henna on the glass sheet following the design from the paper.
  3. After practising on the glass sheet, you can then apply directly on the skin.
  4. Grab a henna and start drawing the following design on your hands.
  5. Keep the printed design beside your hand and start making a design from the wrist to the thumb. In the process of mehndi designs, after it is applied on the skin, let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  6. When the mud dries out and starts to crack, during this time, you must wash your hands.
  7. Always remember not to wash hands with soapy water, it will lead to fading of mehndi from different portions and will look ghastly.

Best Mehndi Designs For  Left Hands 

The best simple  left hand mehndi designs  are usually based on beautiful flowers because these patterns are easy to design and can be filled with different shades. Originally the traditional mehendi designs are popular in India but nowadays Arabic mehndi designs are also in vogue as they are considered ideal and they incorporate the traditional culture and also add modern look due to the linear designs with lot of space left on the palms. You can also try any design with the help of colorful stones and glitters.. Here you will find latest simple and fancy mehndi designs for left Hand.

A series of flowers can be used to justify the simple long arm length mehandi design hidden in the cardboard of your mind. Simple and little flowers mehandi design for left hands adds to its decency and gives you a modern chic look. Experiment with three, four or even five petals when it comes to flowers. One can even shade the flowers and leaves to give a little more dramatic look. If one is not that fond of flowers, they can try having few crisscross line designs.