Saturday, 10 February 2018

Quality and Comfort From Cherokee Scrubs 12

Medical apparel has gone through quite a transformation in the last 60-70 years. Back in the 50’s nurse’s hats were phased out to make the uniform appear less feminine and attract more men into the field. By the 70’s the hats were a thing of the past, only used in nursing training programs.

This is the period when medical scrubs started to become popular, and the earlier versions of modern day scrubs became the uniform of choice for medical professionals. These days scrubs are wore at all times in clinical settings to help prevent the spread of disease between patients and staff members. : ویڈیو دیکھینے کیلیے یہاں کلک کریں

Cherokee Scrubs soon introduced new styles of scrubs that differentiated between the sexes and were designed to be more flattering to both men and women. Cherokee Scrub Pants were designed to better fit the variety of female body types, with a separate line created just for men’s bodies.
Cherokee is currently among the leading nursing scrub manufacturers in the world. Though quality garments are produced by competitors including Wink and Dickies, Cherokee scrubs are regarded as the most stylish and comfortable scrubs available. Since 1972, Cherokee has been providing garments to the healthcare industry, designing stylish and practical scrubs for men and women that allow them to effectively do their demanding jobs in comfort.
Other scrub designers offer fashionable designs, but few offer the special fabrics and intelligent designs that allow healthcare professionals to move about comfortably and freely and comfortably on the job.
Cherokee pants are extremely popular among nurses. Unlike the drawstrings used in most nursing scrubs that can come untied at inopportune moments, these pants features a soft knit over the waistband.
This allows the waist to fold down into a comfortable position, with a waist tack to hold it in place. The pants also feature a useful cargo pocket with a flap, perfect for carrying around small medical instruments or supplies.
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