Is Your Transmission Slipping?

The vehicle transmission is an important component underneath the hood of the vehicle. Without the transmission, the vehicle will not operate the right way, if it operates at all. You may find many signs pointing in the direction of trouble. Don’t ignore those signs and risk damaging the transmission even more.

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Signs of Trouble

There are many signs that indicate your transmission is slipping. Do you notice that the RPMS exceed 3,500 or above? If your RPM gauge reads a number higher than this, don’t wait to call a professional to schedule service. This is a sign that the transmission is not catching the right gears and your vehicle is at risk!

Another sign that the transmission is in trouble is if he vehicle coasts before it comes to a complete stop.  Coasting before a stop is an issue that happens after applying pressure to the brakes but it does not cause the car to immediately stop. This is one of the most common signs of transmission trouble. It is also potentially dangerous, so do not wait to call a professional to schedule service.

Why Does Slipping Occur?

Why is the transmission in your vehicle slipping? There are many potential causes. It is best to leave the inspection up to the professionals. They can make a proper diagnosis of the trouble, eliminating your guesswork. The transmission is an important component inside of the vehicle. It contains many smaller components that can easily wear out or become damaged. Without regular maintenance, such occurrences are far more likely to happen.