The Ceremony Of Applying Mehndi Designs For Wedding

Mehndi Designs For Wedding The ceremony of applying mehndi designs for wedding has prevailed since ages. It has already formed such an indispensable part of the wedding that it can not be pictured without it. Furthermore, mehandi is among the sixteen adornments of the bride-to-be and her elegance is insufficient without it.

The mehndi ceremony happens at the bride’s place. Typically, it is held some days before the wedding event. It is an evening ceremony which is accompanied by family members, music, laughter, food and also a lot of fun. A member of the family or the expert applies the pattern on the hands as well as feet of the bride. Elaborate designs are used on the hands with a cone loaded with henna. While the body art is being applied, various other members of the family play the traditional dhol and dance to its beats. Every female member of the family gets the design done on her hands and feet. The entire mood of a mehndi ceremony is incredibly festive.

The mehndi ceremony for the groom takes place separately at his home. The groom and bride do not usually get decked up quite elaborately at the time of the body art application, and their sets are very simple. Once the application for the new bride is done, the women relatives of the bride, especially her sisters, visit to the groom’s ceremony. It is great fun as the prospective sister-in-laws play pranks on their future brother-in-law as well as attempt to obtain some money from him as a tradition! It is a happy occasion for both the families. Traditional songs, as well as music, characterize the ceremony from the beginning to the end.

Bridal Mehndi Patterns

Bridal MehndiBridal mehndi consists of beautiful designs like floral, peacock, standard forms and cuts designs with extreme delicacy. Perhaps the most popular of all mehendi designs is the peacock. Brides like to choose stunning peacock design time after time, thanks to its feminine and beautiful look.

For applying mehndi to the bride-to-be, an experienced expert is called. She uses henna on the bride’s hands, arms, feet as well as legs. The pattern applied to the bride was obtained by drying the leaves of the henna plant. Nowadays there are various types of designs available in the market. Several of the traditional styles include Arabic Mehndi, Rajasthani Mehndi, Crystal Mehndi, Tattoo Mehndi, etc.

This also points towards the fact that mehndi has become more of an accessory. However, no matter whatever might be its form, it is still an essential element of the new bride. According to popular belief, the darker the different colors of this body art; the more her other half will love her. As a tradition, the bride is not allowed to work in her marital home til the time her mehendi does not fade away. This event is primarily a women function, which takes place amidst musical beats of Dholak, with the ladies singing traditional songs for a prosperous marital life of the bride-to-be.

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Wedding Henna Designs

Wedding Henna DesignsThere should be hardly any brides that would want to say no to the wedding henna designs. Among the many traditions that are infused into Indian weddings, among the most noticeable is the henna mehndi ceremony. This is the day when the beautiful art design is applied on the hands and also feet of the bride as well as the bridegroom.

While the bride has a very elaborate pattern done on her hands and feet, the groom usually has just a token design. Henna is a vital part of both Hindu and Muslim wedding celebrations in India. In fact, application of mehndi is custom-made during any festival in India, be it Karva Chaut, Teej, Diwali, Ramzan or any other festival.

Bridal henna should be applied 1 to 3 days before the wedding to allow the henna stain time to mature and also deepen. Traditionally the groom’s initials are hidden in the patterns. The groom must search for the initials on the wedding evening. If he can’t discover his initials he is expected to offer a gift to his new bride!

This little game of “hide and seek” has served as an icebreaker for generations of couples in arranged marriages. In traditional families where arranged marriage is the practice, the couple often has never met before the wedding day and they may be quite young. The hiding of initials among the intricate henna patterns is one of many tricks in order to help the couple break the ice and feel more comfortable, in addition to initiate intimacy.

Fancy Mehndi Designs For Wedding

Fancy Mehndi Designs For WeddingInnovative and also fancy mehndi designs for wedding celebration are a rage these days, with different colors, textures and even materials utilized to make the bride look magical. Every bride wants to be special, be it the saree she wears or the hairstyle she sportings, it is her wedding day, and also she desires it to be remembered forever. Well, with all the memories she is going to make, one that will certainly stand-out is the mesmerizing wedding design that she had on the day. Mehndi holds a emotional, social and social relevance for a bride-to-be. The conventional styles of mehendi have come to be more attractive as well as elaborate with time, with people getting more and more creative.


Mehndi Designs For Wedding Free Download

From all over the places of the world, we have picked these wedding layouts to supply you with special mehndi designs for wedding free download collection. Mehndi has its common effect in this essential ceremony. It is not just suggested for the bride, but the groom also has the design on both hands. Its color defines the deep love shade between groom and bride.

Mehndi has become a part of the bridal makeup. Nowadays individuals prefer to enhance their hands and also feet with elegant henna on any auspicious day especially wedding event. It also plays a crucial role for individuals of traditional lifestyle. This application encloses numerous alluring bridal designs and also important ideas for overall application, which grooms the bride on the wedding.

It is obvious that ladies want to adorn themselves with creative designs for wedding celebration as well as each event like party, festive season or perhaps wear them to office. Coloring hands, legs with henna paste or mehndi is a favorite technique in India, Pakistan, and Arabian nations. Different kinds of henna are readily available like red henna, black henna, glitter, and stones. Selection of colors are used to enhance the mehandi designs, or you can just opt for the standard ones.

These functions and parties are the indicators of happiness and people think they could not consider them without mehndi. This is the primary demand of girls when they started to decorate themselves with makeup and that makeup can’t complete without any mehendi designs. With the passage of time, these patterns end up being more sophisticated and gorgeous especially for brides. Below are some mesmerizing designs for a wedding event that you can pick from and apply.

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